Villain. Is he a villain? [laughs] I think I’m always more comfortable playing someone that other people think is a bit off-center. Those are very comfortable spots for me. The guys who are less comfortable are the ones that people perceive to be more traditionally heroic or good-natured. So this settles much more to the center of my personality as did the idea of playing Booth in Assassins when that looked like that was going to happen. Those are [roles] that feel incredibly comfortable to me, so I’m really looking forward to it, throwing people around and being the bad guy. —Douglas Sills on playing Orin Scrivello D.D.S. (

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Ellen Greene as Audrey and Lee Wilkof as Seymour performing an extract from Little Shop of Horrors on The Tonight Show (1983).

"He was the best. Emotionally I communicate with him. At times I’ll just get blindsided by hearing a song. And in my dreams, I’ll think, Oh my God, it’s Howard.”

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get to know me -  [3/10] movies: Little Shop of Horrors

On the twenty-third day of the month of September, in an early year of a decade not too long before our own, the human race suddenly encountered a deadly threat to its very existence. And this terrifying enemy surfaced, as such enemies often do, in the seemingly most innocent and unlikely of places…
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Are you ducking kidding me?

haha, this blog is so hilarious!


Little Shop: The Imitation Workprint! Approximately five minutes! Be there!

streaming now!



Some news on “Little Shop: The Imitation Workprint.” Mainly, I forgot there was a new episode of SNL this week, and I planned on hanging out with a few people and watching a movie before, so, because of that, I’ll be exTENDING IT TO 15 HOURS!!!!


The stream begins at 10 AM EST (after I get home from a meeting) and it’ll be ending anytime the film finishes after 1 AM. Also, there’ll be an about ten minute intermission after each showing. (I’m putting together the intermission screen now.)

Now, what are the edits I’ve done for this? I took out the 10+ second gaps between the reels, corrected the color, and I restored the ending. That’s it. I didn’t replace any or take out any footage. I didn’t clean up the audio. I just edited the workprint into a complete film.

TL:DR: I’ll be streaming “Little Shop: The Imitation Workprint” all day today, starting at 10 AM EST.

The livestream will be at

a very early, unseen print of the Little Shop of Horrors movie will be live streaming at the above link ALL DAY! I’ve heard there is a lot of early, unseen footage that will be amazing to see. 


Happy Birthday Howard Ashman ♫ Born May 17, 1950

Howard’s artistic vision was crystal clear, vivid, tangible, manifesting itself in everything he created. He believed in the power of purpose, structure and style to convey the emotional and sometimes cynical truths of his work. Although often painful, but more than often silly, “beneath the puppetry and games beats the heart of a romantic idealist longing for a world that doesn’t and never did exist”. Said of one of Howard’s most childlike and tragic characters, perhaps this unwavering longing underpins all. 

Howard’s first proper show was a modest hit, and remains a forgotten classic. Then suddenly, and without warning, Howard’s second show became one of Boradway’s most iconic productions of all time. Howard was a force of nature that, with no evidence to the contrary, emerged from the womb as talented as an artist as can be. He had no buffer period of uncertain experimentation and critical disappointment before the creation of masterpieces. Perhaps he had to fit in as much perfection as he could in his short, fruitful life. In the decade of his prominence, Howard changed the world

Howard was as solid as a rock, seemingly unbreakable. He was strong, persuasive, dynamic, and fiercely intelligent. But, almost as inconceivably as he entered this world, he slipped through our fingers, we perhaps undeserving of him after all. He has brought joy to children, understanding to the misunderstood, and a therapeutic sensation to those in need of feeling. It is in those moments of deep evocation that Howard lives, because at one time, Howard felt those things too. Those sunken eyes, that delicate voice, that steadfast artistic vision. Howard breathes.

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