Little Shop - FOUND Deleted Scenes

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While working on DAD, I got an e-mail on my DAD account with the subject line “Regarding the Little Shop of Horrors movie.” I never use this email account for any trading of any kind, so I opened it, thinking somebody had sent some forgotten film demo or recording for me to upload. I opened it, and it said in a nutshell, “I’m trying to get the word out to others that somebody uploaded these Little Shop deleted scenes. Here are the links, enjoy.” I checked the links, making sure they weren’t for some virus, and, just to be safe, I opened them on my phone. I then had what I call a “Holy. Crap.” moment.

The scenes are in two videos, and includes cut lines, alternate shots, extended jokes and scenes, the “final approved cut” of the original ending (with sound-effects, and Levi Stubbs laughter), and the cut verse of The Meek Shall Inherit.

I’ll repeat that last one: SEYMOUR’S CUT VERSE IN MEEK SHALL INHERIT THAT EVERYONE WOULD GIVE AN ARM AND A LEG TO SEE AND WE ALL THOUGHT WAS LOST FOREVER! According to the uploader, they’re from “the only workprint ever shown to preview audiences.” I’ll try and find out more about it, but right now, who cares. They exist and we can watch them

Here’s the videos:

Excuse me while I go dance in the streets and do 1000 consecutive cartwheels.


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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